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Because we believe the big world business begins with small Innovative ideas.

Start ups are given high priority.


 Smart Cites

Explore the nearly limitless potential of Smart Cities and how connected solutions can drive citywide improvements, better quality of life for residents and business opportunity for enterprises. 

Innovation creates new businesses,

brings new opportunities, contribute to economic growth and advancement of society


International trade and investment are key elements of economic growth.

Exhibiting your county can take a absolute advantage in attracting international Investments and become a part of globalisation

Risk & Policies

Innovation, Risk and policies that support new innovations.

Role of new policies negotiating risk in innovation


Involve With Us

Our Location

Davos has become a global venue for many summits, discussions, agreements and speeches by many notable people.

World innovation economics aims to create a platform for innovations on the same venue which has a significant influence on the world.

We are the unique organisation in Davos to set a stage for startups and innovators to bring their Innovations on the Global Platform.​


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Our Email    :   contact@worldinnovationeconomics.org