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 WIE 4th Annual Event

On  18th January 2023
@ Oberwiesstrasse 3, 7270 Davos,Switzerland


WIE Speakers aims to engage and educate the participants with their immense knowledge. Their experience will motivate and inspire the audience thorough out the event.


Giving a Speech

WIE provides a platform for startups to present their company to investors, leaders etc.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for promoting and facilitating their ideas on international platform.


Image by Evangeline Shaw

Panel discussions of visionary leaders delivers solutions for a new Innovation based Economy.

Their discussions covers from risks to insights into why traditional innovation programs usually fail to achieve their desired results 


Rocket Launch

Representatives from various sectors, different countries and different ethnic backgrounds, come together in this conference.

Launching your idea on this stage will be an excellent beginning.


Clapping Audience

WIE organises an annual Innovation awards ceremony aims to identify the Start-ups and businesses that are disruptive, innovative and game changers.

WIE Awards includes

5 Special Innovation Awards &

2 Young innovator Awards.


Image by Samuel Pereira

Wie event is far more promising than just an event .Participants will gain indispensable knowledge thru our seminars . They can identify opportunities thru

Networking .

You can learn and stay ahead.


WIE Innovation Awards  & Young Innovator Awards

Presented by

Swiss finance and technology Association (

  • This award ceremony is being sponsored by Swiss finance and technology association SFTA (

  • Achieving WIE Innovation Award will make you to stand out as this is a global competition and the participants will be received by world wide audience. Winners will experience lot of exposure, recognition around the world.


  • Benefits will be a social media campaign around the year, published their details on WIE website , WIE social media and will be part of felicitation program for next year event .


  • Networking with other innovators ,high profile Judges will help your business to boost at very early stage.

Digital Transformations

Web 3.0

Cyber Security

Tech Innovations


Blockchain&Crypto Currency


Startups and Scaleups

AI and Society

Wie is all about innovations and highlights technologies that will significantly affect  the world . Our topics cover unique emerging technologies that builds future.


we welcome Speakers/Entrepreneurs/Investors/ Executives/Advisors/ Leaders from different backgrounds and experiences ,who can inspire people, drive technology, and educate on economic growth and sustainability.   



If you are interested, please register with us.

Topics  2023
"Innovation drives the economy best when it seeks to solve the problems of humanity and satisfy its needs. This effort leads to real and relevant innovation."

Semya Ayoubi, Chief Economist,
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

 # WIE 2020

Please Register For 4th Annual Event

On  18th Jan 2023

@ Oberwiesstrasse 3, 7270 Davos,Switzerland

We would love to hear from you


Please note :

Registering here is only to show your interest  and it is absolutely free to register.

Once we get your registration details we will send you an email whether your company is eligible for entry. 

In the email we will notify the information  regarding entry details and event timeline.

You can cancel  your Registration anytime by writing us


"Innovation should embed with culture, inspire people, drive technology, protect environment, achieve social welfare, establish a solid economic growth and achieve sustainability.This will be the recipe for 4th Industrial Evolution."


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Interested to take part as a


'Davos 2020 Hacked: Tech And Innovation Dominate'

Daily Fintech

'50 Diverse Takeaways from Davos WEF2020'

"An annual event which brings the global innovations together with  organisations committed to creating an impact,Panel discussions of policy makers  , thought leaders who focused on creating  Innovation based Economy.

Participants will be actively engaged throughout the event ,get to listen to  speeches  from a influential speakers, opportunities to expand your business and networking with the world leaders.

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World innovation economics provides the perfect platform to reach wider audience

To find more on sponsorship opportunities please fill the form or write to us 


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