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 WIE 3rd Annual Event

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On  25th May 2022.   8:30 am @ Oberwiesstrasse 3, 7270 Davos,Switzerland


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Keynote Speakers & Panelists

WIE Award Judges

      WIE Start-ups



8:45-09:00 Welcome Note by Philip J. Weights,President@SFTA and Spandana Ayachitam,Founder@WIE

9:00-09:30 Segment 1 - Innovation Thru Education by United Nations

Mihoko Kumamoto Director-Division for Prosperity@UNITAR,United Nations

Educating youth on economics and digitalization for successful business actions

Judit Kozenkow-Ph.D.Lecturer and Consultant@UNITAR,United Nations

9:30-09:45 Keynote 1 - Payment Innovation to Build Resilience

Oliver Werneyer-CEO@Imburse Payments

9:45-10:00 Navid Saberin,The Minister of Finance, Free Republic of Liberland

10:00-10:30 Panel 1 - Investment Insights by Investors

Ivo Ronner-VC,Investment Manager@Swiss Post / Investor

Moïse Kameni-Co-Founder&CEO@A-brod,Nicola Fantini-BoD@SICTIC,Thanos Paraschos@Startupgreece

Ralph Mogicato-Vice President SICTIC & Fintech Angel Investor


Start up Innovations Segment 1

10:30-10:40 Pitch by Hans Henrik H. Heming-Co-founder&Core DAO Community Member@Moonjelly

10:40-10:50 Pitch by Wioletta Simonet-CEO@WeInvolve

10:50-11:00 Pitch by Ilona Weiss-Chairman&CEO@B8 International AG

11:00-11:10  Break


11:10-11:40 Panel 2 - The Future of Finance in the Metaverse

Robby Schwertner aka [CryptoRobby]-CEO@INNOMAGIC GmbH

Kelly Vero-Metaverse&NFT Expert,Dr.Martha Boeckenfeld -Advisory Board@GenTwo

11:40-11:50 Keynote 3 - Trusting NFTs - Future-proofing Assets for a Web3 World Kelly Vero-Metaverse&NFT Expert

11:50-2:05 Keynote 4 - Kaleido Private Bank AG Markus Abbassi-Head Digital Assets@Kaleido Private Bank AG

12:05-12:25 Segment 2 -Overcoming cognitive bias in product design

Piotr Herstowski-Cloud Business Manager@ITEO,Dawid Siudmak-Managing Partner@ITEO

12:30-1:00 Break

1:00-1:45 Panel 3 - Innovation Empowered by Female Founders, Leaders and Influencers

Moderator-Dr.Martha Boeckenfeld-Advisory Board@GenTwo

Wioletta Simonet-CEO@WeInvolve,

IlonaWeiss-Chairman and CEO@B8 International AG

Karen Shidlo-Marketing Manager@Fiat24,

Susanne Hannestad-CEO@Fintech Mundi,

Delphine Trabaldo Togna-Co-founder@Board Owl


Start up Innovations Segment 2

1:45-1:55 Keynote 5 -

Strategic Considerations for Financial Institutions to move into the Digital Asset Markets

Seamus Donoghue-VP Strategic Alliances@Metaco

1:55-2:05 Pitch by Jeff Catalano-Founder&MD@Payment Porte

2:05-2:15 Pitch by Philippe A Naegeli-Co-Founder@GenTwo

2:15-2:25 Pitch by Yang Lan-Co-Founder&Business Developer@Fiat24

2:25-2:35 Pitch by Miles Austin-Chairman&CEO@Hyphen Global AG


2:45-3:20 Panel 4 - Impact of Emerging Technology - AI, BlockChain & Machine Learning

Yang Lan-Co-Founder and Business Developer@Fiat24,Simon Engelbrecht-CEO@SKARP,

Stefan Kanalga-CEO@yestwetrust

Cyrus Fazel-Founder@SwissBorg,Dr.Felix Moesner-Swiss Consul&CEO@Swissnex

Kapil Sharma-Author&Visiting lecturer@Bournemouth University,UK

Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi-Founder@METI Advisory AG

3:20-3:30 Keynote 6 - Transforming Humanity & Economy with Social Tech Stefan Kanalga-CEO@yestwetrust


3:30-3:45 Break

Start up Innovations Segment 3

3:45-3:55 Pitch by Henry Erimodafe-Managing Partner@Alva Wealth Limited

3:55-4:05 Pitch by Sebastian Becker-Co-Founder&CTO@EmpreX

Patrick Cheridito-Professor@ETH,Zürich

4:05-4:15 Pitch by Alma Moya Losada-Founder&CEO@Aequaland

4:15-4:25  Pitch by Donat Jösler-Founder & Chairman @MOGLI Ltd

4:25-4:55 Panel 5 -Innovation in Wealth Management & Digital Assets

Seamus Donoghue-VP Strategic Alliances@Metaco,

Markus Abbassi-Head Digital Assets @Kaleido Private Bank A

Philippe A Naegeli-Co-Founder@GenTwo


Young Innovators & Student Start ups

5:00-5:10 Y- Startups Mateo de Bardec-Founder@DeepPsy

5:10-5:20 Y- Startups Sophie Boyle-Founder@Vamoz,Daniel Dietrich-COO@Vamoz

5:20-5:30 Y- Startups Christian Käse-Founder@Bottle+

5:30-5:40 Y- Startups Finlay Fehlauer-Founder@Copula,Frédéric Taesch-Chairman@Copula

5:40-5:50 Y- Startups startup 5

5:50-6:00 Y- Startups startup 6

6:00-6:30 Panel 6 -Innovations in Insuretech

Ruth Armale-Head Open Innovation@Houseofinsurtech,

Daniel Schmidheiny-Co-Founder@vlot Ltd

Brandon Mathews-CEO@Stonestep AG,

Matthias Ruefenacht New Business Manager-Innovation & Strategy-Baloise Group

6:30-7:00 Awards Ceremony

Networking & Drinks

Post Event Drinks will be held directly after the close of the Seminar. This will be a fantastic opportunity to network with colleagues and friends.(Cash at Bar)