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Everything about Davos


World Economic Forum is an annual event that brings together several thousand business executives Economists,Thought Leaders,Young activists and political leaders focusing on critical global issues.

WEF is invite only. But there are lot more interesting events happening outside  WEF which are free ,open and welcoming .

The road Promenade  within walking distance from WEF Convention Centre, Davos  comprises Iconic Luxury Hotels and local shops is considered to be the most vibrant place out side WEF.

The path that fall on the street focuses on gatherings, meet ups, launches, connections, deal makings , investments, networking drinks and much more.

While the governments from various countries  with their own lounges gleams in this  very powerful street  , big banks, unicorns , consulting firms , tech giants  comfortably ensconced here focusing on niche events, gearing up new ideas and finding potential clients  and there are Startups,  Tech  and innovations  always steal the show.

In 2020,Davos is mentioned in Forbes Article as

"Davos 2020 Hacked: Tech And Innovation Dominate"


On the other hand, simultaneously conducted by the World Economic Forum , Open Forum Davos is a public event held each year at the local Swiss Alpine Middle School  brings worlds most influential  people gives an extraordinary opportunity to learn.